Abandoned Classic Cars in Cambridgeshire Wood

I was lucky enough to get a few snaps of these classic cars which were left to rot in a Cambridgeshire wood. An atmospheric site; the place took on an erie feel as though the car owners had just disappeared and never returned resulting in a car graveyard.

The cars included a Hillman Avenger, Austin A35 Countryman, Triumph Dolomite, Ford Popular, Morris Oxford and Austin Mini.

These cars cease to become machines but evolve and transform as they decay and disintegrate. Nature takes over their forms as moss and lichen find homes on their once shiny bodies’

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One thought on “Abandoned Classic Cars in Cambridgeshire Wood”

  1. These photos are great, I am interested in painting scenes such as these for my A Level Art project. Please could you let me know where exactly these cars are? I live just outside Cambridge.

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