Summer Flowers Inspired Gothic Still Life

An experimental and evolving body of new work. The new collection is a nod towards, fine art Renaissance paintings of flowers. I was very much influenced by my parents gothic inspired country home and garden and this aided me in creating a series of still life photographs with a dark edge.

Collecting a variety of  flowers from the garden, (Alliums, Hebe, Artichoke, Roses, Agapanthus, Sedum, Dried Allium Seed heads, Lavender, Blue Spier) objects from the pine dresser and dusting off antique cut glass, I started to arrange and photograph the items using a black velvet background in the family living room. Later the photos were edited using Capture 1 Pro 9.

This will be an ongoing, organic project which I will continually add to.

A few photos from the afternoon.


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