Gorgeous Wedding Durham//Rob + Sarah 28.05.16

Last weekend I headed to Durham to photograph the Bride and Groom Sarah and Rob. A beautiful and emotional day full of love and laughter.

I started photographing Sarah from 7.30 in the morning while she prepared for the day with friends and family, then it was a quick drive to St Edmund King Church in Bear Park https://www.achurchnearyou.com/bearpark-st-edmund/, a few shots of the guests arriving, a few posed shots, then onto a lovely country Manor house.http://www.hallgarthmanorhotel.co.uk for the reception.

A sunny and bright day the weather was perfect for lots of posed and natural shots outside in the manor grounds all through the day until dusk. It was a relaxed and special day.

So we’ve seen them! (the wedding gallery) I just can’t put into words how fantastic we think they are! The detail is unbelievable so many memories I could have forgot but all documented forever. I have already spent hours looking at the photos and we will spend many more. We couldn’t ask for anything else. Just thinking about it makes me emotional!! So what can I say but a massive Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Sarah and Rob

Here are just a few photos from the day.

Dalmatian Woodland Photoshoot

A different photo shoot for me capturing not one but two Dalmatians out in the country. It was tiring but fun chasing Bella and Jensen around trees and fields for nearly 3 hours with their owners Dave and Leslie.

The weather was fantastic, the sun was just peeking through the clouds giving rise to some great light and shadow shots. The Bluebells contrasted beautifully with the black and white colours of their coats as did the long green grass and light wood bark of the trees.

I was hoping they may have tired throughout the shoot, so I could get some creative, laid back posed shots, but there was no stopping these two, they were on a mission.  Forever full of energy, sniffing everything insight, picking and running off with litter, and barking and chasing other dogs, all closely followed by me, trying to get a good shot with my camera, it was all great fun. There was an instant when Bella and Jensen were frantically chasing each other at full speed through the trees this resulted in one of my favourite shots.


Bella and Jensen are two amazing Dalmatians full of energy and fun not stopping still for one moment until they are bribed with a piece of sausage!

A challenging experience, both Dave and Leslie were great luring and bribing Jensen and Bella into various poses. They hid behind trees and ran down hills and through trees, while I mostly crouching down or running with them could anticipate the shot. No fancy props in my camera bag, just my full frame Canon 6D with a 24-70mm lens and Black Rapid strap http://www.blackrapid.com no flash was needed.

Photographing animals while they are moving is never going to be easy, but you have to go with the flow, watch their personalities and be very patient. I experimented with many different camera settings, but in the end I just went with a fast shutter speed and kept shooting, shooting and shooting.

Afternoon Beach Couple Shoot at Wells-next-the-Sea

At Wells-next-the-Sea, on the Norfolk coast; the sun was shining bright and the sky was a mesmerising blue, a great combination for an afternoon seaside couple shoot with Rob and Sarah.

Shadows were casting varying shades of light across the beach providing plenty of opportunities for colourful, fun, natural photographs. A large stretch of painted beach huts provided a great prop and backdrop as did the sand dunes and grasses dotted across the mustard coloured sand.

Rob and Sarah were totally relaxed and casual. They really wanted to show their personality through their poses. I photographed them from afar just chatting on the beach hut steps, this resulted in some nice natural shots, then on to the composed poses making the most of the scenery. The three of us were still coming up with possible photo ideas 3 hours later, time just disappeared, always a good sign the client is enjoying the experience.

Omg I love them so much!!!!!! They are perfect! I can really see me and Rob in them if that makes any sense! Thanks soooooo much, Sarah

This makes me so happy as a photographer, knowing that not only is the client happy but I have captured their personality through the photos.

Reims-Cessna F-406 Caravan aeroplane photo shoot for RVL Group, East Midlands Airport.

A different day for me, photographing from a height RVL Group’s new paint scheme on the Reims-Cessna F-406 Caravan aircraft, circa 1989. 

Last Thursday I was invited by RVL Operations Director Mr. Connor to photograph the aircraft which had only just arrived back from the paint shop.  The photographs of the aeroplane would then be used for their new website and wall art for the operation area.

I only had 45 minutes to complete the shoot. Throughout this time, various aeroplanes returned which needed to be re-positioned and re-fuelled on the apron.  Not wanting to delay the companies daily operations, the pressure was on.  The aeroplane was quickly and safely repositioned several times by a nifty Lektro electric tug and I was elevated in the air to take the shots from above. Good direction was needed from me and also a patient aircraft handler!

The weather was kind, clear blue skies and full sunshine. The aeroplane dazzled in the light and cast strong blocks of shadows across the apron resulting in a set of bold photographs, the blue sky and the plane complimenting each other.

I wanted to show off and capture the angles of the aircraft and how they worked with the light and shadows. Crouching down on the apron and taking photos from below as well as shooting from above allowed me to play around with the contours of the body and to show how the new blue colour scheme wrapped itself around the aircraft.

RVL were happy with the results and I had a great morning taking the photos and meeting the RVL Staff.

These are brilliant, thank you very much… they will be taking pride of place, Thanks Again Mr.Connor (Company Director)




Abandoned Classic Cars in Cambridgeshire Wood

I was lucky enough to get a few snaps of these classic cars which were left to rot in a Cambridgeshire wood. An atmospheric site; the place took on an erie feel as though the car owners had just disappeared and never returned resulting in a car graveyard.

The cars included a Hillman Avenger, Austin A35 Countryman, Triumph Dolomite, Ford Popular, Morris Oxford and Austin Mini.

These cars cease to become machines but evolve and transform as they decay and disintegrate. Nature takes over their forms as moss and lichen find homes on their once shiny bodies’

abandoned cars wood9 copy abandoned cars abandoned cars abandoned cars abandoned carsabandoned cars abandoned cars abandoned cars abandoned cars Abandoned Cars Cars in Wood abandoned cars abandoned carsabandoned car

Wonderful Wedding at Stubton Hall, Newark//Kirsty+Dan 06/11/15

This was a fantastic wedding and certainly had the wow factor. The attention to detail was superb, from the hand painted shoes to the bold and bright love balloons, every detail was thought through and executed brilliantly.

The backdrop to the wedding was dark and grand which matched perfectly with the theme of dusky pinks and rich golds.

I had a brilliant day photographing Dan, Kirsty, Millie and the wedding party. The window of opportunity for photographs was small, it was a bleak and dark day, with the wedding starting at 2.30pm, but the darkness added to some great atmospheric shots outside the hall with the grand fairy lights.

Here are a few photos of the day.




Kirsty+Dan//Couple Shoot at Kirby Hall

An atmospheric Elizabethan hall and 17th Century houses provided the backdrop to our shoot.

The late afternoon start delivered a moody sky, casting shadows throughout the ruined but magnificent buildings. Steeped in history the place provided plenty of dark corners, textured walls, doors, windows and an large expanse of topiary all helped to create deep and thoughtful shots of the couple.

The place evoked feelings of another time and world and with this in mind, black and white photography was a must with subtle tints layered on top to really pick out the many textures and shadows created by this impressive place, making for a coherent set of photographs.

Tropical Birdland, Leicestershire.

Last week I visited Tropical Birdland, Desford in Leicestershire.


Being a Monday it was extremely quiet giving me plenty of time to set up some good shots. I’m by no means a wildlife photographer, but wanted to experiment with my new canon EF 50mm f/1.8 MK2 lens, using it with my trusty Canon 450D.

Visitors to the centre can walk through an area where the birds are flying free. Many of these parrots were once pets, so being used to human company are friendly and you are encouraged to feed and pet them. It was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to create some new work.

parrotcropped copy

Being physically able to get up close to the birds was an obvious advantage with this lens. It definitely comes into its own when focusing on close up objects.


I liked this photo as it had 3 varying depths. The bird on the hand is sharp, the person is just starting to go out of focus and the background is out of focus. Creating a kind of 3-D image.

parrot with logo


I feel it is a great lens to be creative with and will definately be in my kit bag as an everyday lens while out and about.




parrots on boots

This was a brilliant place to visit. Great fun and entertaining. Best to go on a quiet day as I can imagine it getting very crowded and it may be hard to get close to the birds!