Kenilworth Castle Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Kenilworth Castle is a magnificent backdrop to Rayner and Emma’s pre-wedding photoshoot; with their interests in history and Renaissance Art it was the perfect place. 

There was no shortage of photo ideas. With a fantastic location we decided to go with the flow,  making the most of the weathered and textured stonework, the confined rooms, the open grounds, the remains of a tower and the stunning views from the castle.

A real mixture of photos. I think of Renaissance Art as very solemn affair although very beautiful and skilled. When Emma told me they both liked this period in Art History I decided to use more natural areas around the castle. An outer castle wall covered in creeping ivy was a good backdrop as was an impressive upturned root with gnarled branches in the castle grounds and a pair of grand oak doors.  Emma brought along a pair of lovely sparkly red shoes to wear. I wanted to include these as much as possible in the shoot and dancing came to mind in the ruins of a turret creating fun action shots.  A present from Valentines Day they gave a flash of colour to the cold February day.

Like most couples I meet Rayner and Emma were not keen on having their photos taken, however there is always a turning point in a couple shoot and after the first few shots both Rayner and Emma were both enjoying themselves (I hope!) and thats when the best shots start happening.

This was the longest and the most shots I have taken to date on a couple shoot, about 70 edited in all.  I think all three of us had so many ideas and there was so much scope to try things out, I just kept snapping!

Here are just a few shots from the day.

Afternoon Beach Couple Shoot at Wells-next-the-Sea

At Wells-next-the-Sea, on the Norfolk coast; the sun was shining bright and the sky was a mesmerising blue, a great combination for an afternoon seaside couple shoot with Rob and Sarah.

Shadows were casting varying shades of light across the beach providing plenty of opportunities for colourful, fun, natural photographs. A large stretch of painted beach huts provided a great prop and backdrop as did the sand dunes and grasses dotted across the mustard coloured sand.

Rob and Sarah were totally relaxed and casual. They really wanted to show their personality through their poses. I photographed them from afar just chatting on the beach hut steps, this resulted in some nice natural shots, then on to the composed poses making the most of the scenery. The three of us were still coming up with possible photo ideas 3 hours later, time just disappeared, always a good sign the client is enjoying the experience.

Omg I love them so much!!!!!! They are perfect! I can really see me and Rob in them if that makes any sense! Thanks soooooo much, Sarah

This makes me so happy as a photographer, knowing that not only is the client happy but I have captured their personality through the photos.

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