Jökulsárlón Iceland

I spent a couple of hours here on a whirlwind trip to Iceland. It took us 6 hours to travel by car from Reykjavik where we were staying for a couple of nights. Nothing could prepare us for the views of the spectacular icebergs. It was as though we were standing on another planet. Truly breath taking.

I used the Canon 6D and have edited the photos in Capture Pro

Landscape photographs of Jökulsárlón Iceland

Magic Horse Photoshoot.

This was a two hour portrait session capturing Leah and 10 year old Magic at the stables and open fields. Just after midday, the sun was at its strongest, and although this provided a few challenges, (harsh shadows),  it also gave a few surprises and  the strong light was used to our advantage. Being patient and working around the shadows and the full sun, resulted in some nice bleached out shoots as well as some dark contrast tones to the photographs.

Thank you for taking your time and making us feel so confident, beautiful and relaxed. Leah and Magic

The shoot was totally relaxed and although Magic made a canter for it at one stage and trotted back to the stables, he was an absolute star. He is a gentle and calm horse and was quite happy for me to keep snapping my camera around him. Although, there was no real plan for the session but to get some nice shots of Leah and Magic together, I thought on my feet and used the location to dictate many of the photos.

Props are not something I usually use, but this time I brought a large bouquet of flowers with me. The flowers provided another element to the shoot and worked well to add a bit of kitsch and surreal modern photography to the shoot.

There were about 40 photos on the final edit, here are a few from the shoot.


Maxine Personal Trainer//Location Airport

The brief was to create dynamic shots that Maxine (Personal Trainer) could use to promote her new business MaxiFIT

It was decided to use an industrial backdrop to add an edgy vibe to the photos. The chosen location was a 1970’s Airport. The white hanger doors and the parts of a stripped back aeroplane were the perfect props and provided a terrific backdrop to the day.

The photographs were taken with the Canon 6D camera and shot on a overcast day between 10-12pm which gave a nice moody light. For many shots I waited for the sun to shine through the clouds which gave a super strong light using the hanger door and the metal from the plane as my reflector.

Here are a few photos from the shot

The Wedding Album

I have used premium brand Folio Albums to create Ross & Sarah’s Wedding Album. The stunning wedding took place at Suites Alba Resort, Portugal, summer 2016.

The front cover is made from Linen, colour Pebble and contains 22 spreads on Art White Cotton Paper. The album is presented wrapped in a canvas bag and I designed in Illustrator the image on the brown cardboard box packaging to add personality and the finishing touch to the album.

Photographing The Album

As the wedding was beside the beach I used cork sheets; cork is harvested in Portugal and when photographed represented sand. I used shells collected from the Algarve beach and coral coloured cotton sheets also used as the main accent colour to the wedding.

Photographing products I have always found tricky with lighting, how to position the camera, whether to keep the whole frame in focus and how much to include in the frame. With this I’m mind I photographed the album outside in the garden using natural light and decided to go for a hap hazard, carefree laid back feel to the set of photographs.

Road Trip around Holland//Tulip Fields and Windmills

Yay Road Trip!

Towards the end of April 2017, I spent a few days travelling around Holland in search of the tulip fields and windmills. Based in Rotterdam, by car I travelled north to the small island of Texel. On the way I  visited Keukenhof Gardens, The Molencomplex and continually stopped by the roadside to photograph the colourful Bloemen fields.





I took the Canon 450D on this trip with a standard lens. no tripod, but picked up plenty of Tony’s Salted Caramel Chocolate, Yummy.




Unfortunately the weather throughout the trip was cold, wet and hailstones, not  perfect conditions for taking photos, but you have to make the best of it and with a bit of perseverance and patience I managed to get the shots I wanted of the beautiful flowers and charming windmills. I was extremely lucky to see so many fields still in bloom and even managed to follow by foot, the tractor cutting the tulips.

Harvesting the Tulip Fields




Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse. The gardens were understandably very busy.  Bright and colourful tulips were in abundance. A sea of colour it was hard to pick which flowers to photograph, they were all so beautiful. Below are the tulips I managed to capture between the crowds of people.


In comparison, by photographing at the roadside there was more time to compose the shot and  soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the experience. Wind Turbines boomed away beside the rich coloured fields creating a dramatic scene.



The Molencomplex  is a world heritage site and home to 19 windmills. A tranquil  place and a pleasure to visit. It was a quiet day (perhaps the rain had deterred people form visiting) I spent many hours here walking around the site and using the many footpaths to gain a different perspective of the windmills. A walk further out of the area I came across a small agricultural field with a cow posing in the perfect position, in front of the windmills.



All photos have been post edited in Capture One Pro and a bit of tweaking in iphotos, no photoshop.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through the photographs.



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