Reims-Cessna F-406 Caravan aeroplane photo shoot for RVL Group, East Midlands Airport.

A different day for me, photographing from a height RVL Group’s new paint scheme on the Reims-Cessna F-406 Caravan aircraft, circa 1989. 

Last Thursday I was invited by RVL Operations Director Mr. Connor to photograph the aircraft which had only just arrived back from the paint shop.  The photographs of the aeroplane would then be used for their new website and wall art for the operation area.

I only had 45 minutes to complete the shoot. Throughout this time, various aeroplanes returned which needed to be re-positioned and re-fuelled on the apron.  Not wanting to delay the companies daily operations, the pressure was on.  The aeroplane was quickly and safely repositioned several times by a nifty Lektro electric tug and I was elevated in the air to take the shots from above. Good direction was needed from me and also a patient aircraft handler!

The weather was kind, clear blue skies and full sunshine. The aeroplane dazzled in the light and cast strong blocks of shadows across the apron resulting in a set of bold photographs, the blue sky and the plane complimenting each other.

I wanted to show off and capture the angles of the aircraft and how they worked with the light and shadows. Crouching down on the apron and taking photos from below as well as shooting from above allowed me to play around with the contours of the body and to show how the new blue colour scheme wrapped itself around the aircraft.

RVL were happy with the results and I had a great morning taking the photos and meeting the RVL Staff.

These are brilliant, thank you very much… they will be taking pride of place, Thanks Again Mr.Connor (Company Director)




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