Dalmatian Woodland Photoshoot

A different photo shoot for me capturing not one but two Dalmatians out in the country. It was tiring but fun chasing Bella and Jensen around trees and fields for nearly 3 hours with their owners Dave and Leslie.

The weather was fantastic, the sun was just peeking through the clouds giving rise to some great light and shadow shots. The Bluebells contrasted beautifully with the black and white colours of their coats as did the long green grass and light wood bark of the trees.

I was hoping they may have tired throughout the shoot, so I could get some creative, laid back posed shots, but there was no stopping these two, they were on a mission.  Forever full of energy, sniffing everything insight, picking and running off with litter, and barking and chasing other dogs, all closely followed by me, trying to get a good shot with my camera, it was all great fun. There was an instant when Bella and Jensen were frantically chasing each other at full speed through the trees this resulted in one of my favourite shots.


Bella and Jensen are two amazing Dalmatians full of energy and fun not stopping still for one moment until they are bribed with a piece of sausage!

A challenging experience, both Dave and Leslie were great luring and bribing Jensen and Bella into various poses. They hid behind trees and ran down hills and through trees, while I mostly crouching down or running with them could anticipate the shot. No fancy props in my camera bag, just my full frame Canon 6D with a 24-70mm lens and Black Rapid strap http://www.blackrapid.com no flash was needed.

Photographing animals while they are moving is never going to be easy, but you have to go with the flow, watch their personalities and be very patient. I experimented with many different camera settings, but in the end I just went with a fast shutter speed and kept shooting, shooting and shooting.

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