Tropical Birdland, Leicestershire.

Last week I visited Tropical Birdland, Desford in Leicestershire.

Being a Monday it was extremely quiet giving me plenty of time to set up some good shots. I’m by no means a wildlife photographer, but wanted to experiment with my new canon EF 50mm f/1.8 MK2 lens, using it with my trusty Canon 450D.

Visitors to the centre can walk through an area where the birds are flying free. Many of these parrots were once pets, so being used to human company are friendly and you are encouraged to feed and pet them. It was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to create some new work.

parrotcropped copy

Being physically able to get up close to the birds was an obvious advantage with this lens. It definitely comes into its own when focusing on close up objects.


I liked this photo as it had 3 varying depths. The bird on the hand is sharp, the person is just starting to go out of focus and the background is out of focus. Creating a kind of 3-D image.

parrot with logo


I feel it is a great lens to be creative with and will definately be in my kit bag as an everyday lens while out and about.




parrots on boots

This was a brilliant place to visit. Great fun and entertaining. Best to go on a quiet day as I can imagine it getting very crowded and it may be hard to get close to the birds!

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